RA2 Ready? Dos and Don’ts for a Seamless Smart Lighting Setup

Hello everyone! Are you thinking about turning your house into a smart home? It sounds cool, right? Today, we’re diving into how to set up a Lutron RA2, a smart lighting and shade control system that can change the way your home feels. Let’s tell you how to get your home lighting smart and snazzy without a hitch.

Do: Understand What Lutron RA2 Can Do

The Lutron RA2 system lets you easily control the lights and shades in your home. With just a few taps on your smartphone or tablet, you can adjust everything to match your mood or the time of day. Imagine making your living room cozy for movie night or brightening everything up for a big family dinner—all without getting up from your chair!

Don’t: Skip the Setup Instructions

Follow the setup instructions to get the most out of your Lutron RA2. This system is user-friendly, so setting it up through the Lutron App is straightforward. You can automatically set up light and shade levels for everyday activities without guesswork.

Do: Use the Pico Remote for Easy Control

Besides using your phone, you can control your Lutron RA2 with the handy Pico Remote. This little gadget is a game-changer—it lets you adjust lights and shades from anywhere in your home. Whether tucked into bed or busy in the kitchen, the Pico Remote makes it easy to change your settings.

Don’t: Overload Your System

Your main repeater can handle up to 100 devices, which sounds like a lot, but it’s important not to go over this limit. Keep track of how many devices you add to ensure your system runs smoothly without hiccups.

Do: Plan for Whole-Home Coverage

The Lutron RA2 is perfect for homes of all sizes, covering up to 5,000 sq. ft. Plan your device placements throughout your home to make the most of this extensive coverage. It ensures that every corner of your space can enjoy smart lighting and shades, giving you complete control wherever you are.

Don’t: Forget About Energy Savings

One of the best parts about upgrading to a Lutron RA2 system is how much energy and money you can save. This system uses your lights and shades more efficiently. Setting up schedules for lights to turn off when you’re not in the room or adjusting shades to take advantage of natural light can significantly reduce your energy bills.

Do: Check Compatibility

Before adding devices, ensure everything is compatible with the Lutron RA2 system. It means checking if all your current light bulbs, shades, and other devices can work with the system. It saves you time and trouble because you’ll know everything will work smoothly together once you set it up.

Don’t: Ignore Updates

It’s essential to keep your Lutron RA2 system up to date. Whenever an update is available for the Lutron App or your devices, make sure to install it. These updates can fix bugs and improve performance, ensuring your smart home system stays in top shape and has all the latest features.

Do: Enjoy the Enhanced Comfort and Convenience

Once your Lutron RA2 system is up and running, please sit back and enjoy the new level of comfort and convenience it brings. Adjust your settings to create the perfect environment for any activity, from a lively gathering in your living room to a peaceful evening in your bedroom.

Don’t: Hesitate to Customize Your Experience

Lastly, make the system yours. Lutron RA2 allows for a high degree of personalization. Set up your favorite scenes, like ‘Good Morning,’ ‘Welcome Home,’ or ‘Good Night,’ and watch how your home responds to your lifestyle with just the touch of a button.


Setting up your Lutron RA2 doesn’t have to be complicated. With these simple dos and don’ts, you can create a smart lighting environment that saves energy, simplifies your life, and adds a touch of tech-savvy elegance to your home. Get ready to light up your world in ways you never imagined!

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